Chelsea School of Art Fine Art graduate Louise Garman regularly runs fun, hands on, creative and expressive art workshops for adults, from beginners to advanced. She has run these classes everywhere from cruise ships to local community and art gallery settings, to private social gatherings.

Louise offers the following workshops to choose from..

How to Draw

Beginners, the more advanced. and everyone in between can come together for a How to Draw workshop in which you can expect to learn or enhance your line, tone, texture and composition. Louise will provide a still life design to draw from and will cover a range of drawing techniques. The main focus of the workshop will be to learn about the basics of drawing, how to use the pencil and create a variety of marks...and have fun! Louise will provide worksheets and a still life for you to study from.


In this Watercolour painting workshop you will get the chance to create a colour wheel and learn about colour mixing and colour theory. You will also learn about graded washes using both wet on wet and dry brush techniques. For the beginners who lack confidence, Louise will provide images and worksheets to work from. For the more advanced students, she will provide a still life to work directly from.

Chinese Painting

Learn the art of Sumi-e or traditional Chinese painting. From birds, to flowers and landscapes using individual brush strokes on rice paper. You will learn different brushstrokes and be given different exercises to practice the art of Chinese painting. You will then create one/two paintings to take home. These final pieces can include blossom trees, bamboo sticks and leaves, or maybe a mountain scenery.

Life Drawing

Life drawing is one of the most effective ways to enhance your drawing skills and to learn about proportion and composition. You will learn to see, to be more observant, and learn how to create basic shapes and develop these into figurative forms. For beginners and advanced alike.


In this printmaking workshop, you will design and print your very own monoprint Monoprint is a straightforward and exciting way of producing printed images directly from a perspex plate. These create images that are bold, direct, creative and unique to you. There are different types of monoprints, and you will be able to try out each one.

You can bring with you sketchbooks, photographs and images to use and inspire your prints. Also, you can bring items to create prints and textures such as feathers, leaves, doilies etc.

To book a workshop contact Louise directly on: 0796684003 or

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