Louise Showcasing at The Whitaker – Rossendale Museum and Art Gallery
23rd June 2022
Discover the Beauty of Bridgewater: Watercolour Workshop with Louise Garman
2nd May 2023

New Year, New Bio

My practise is to collate and layer images to create new experimental and displaced imagery. Many of these works have been inspired by walks, using watercolour and charcoal pencils with animated energy lines – constantly moving, mark making and intuitively fleeting…

I have started to produce larger scale versions of a number of these snapshots from nature, via paintings video silkscreen prints and industrial metal grills with technicolour images created through them. These larger scale images are an emotional, intuitive response to nature and man’s impact on the world. I aim to flash up the magic in the mundane… My influences are Bruce McLean, Robert Rauschenburg and traditional theatre sets.

I am a director of Greater Manchester’s neo: artists, and have exhibited at an array of places, spaces and galleries, including for the Royal Society of Women Artists at The Mall Galleries, London, the GM Arts Prize in Manchester…and everywhere from the historic Hanging Bridge at Manchester Cathedral to a shop unit at Salford Precinct, to The Flourish Award for Excellence in Printmaking 2020 at The Woodend Gallery in Scarborough to Stockholm, Oviedo and Paris.

I am a Chelsea School of Art Fine Art and Sculpture graduate, attended Anatomy lectures at the Royal Academyand completed an experimental drawing course at the Slade School. My work involves creating uncompromising, experimental multi-media images with the volume tuned up to the unreal, suffused with dreams of beauty and decay. These are natural and man-made scenes, via drawings, video, installation, silkscreens and photos.”